Our Solutions

The Problem

Currently, there are 11.5 million open positions in the US. This number is up from just 4 million in the last 12 months. On average, employers have been able to hire roughly half of open positions each month while at the same time, an equal number of separations occur.

Recent surveys of recruiters from all industries agree the most significant challenge is sourcing candidates. With 71% saying they do not get enough applications for open positions and 61% struggling to have their job posting seen by potential candidates. Interestingly, these numbers remain high even though 72% of recruiters pay for placement on at least three major job board sites.

TalentDial Funnel

Our Solution

TalentDial has brought together the perfect fusion of artificial intelligence and human experience to create a suite of products and services dedicated to helping healthcare recruiters source candidates and workers. These solutions focus on the three areas at the top of the recruiting funnel:

  • Inbound Sourcing: Also known as Recruitment Marketing, these solutions provide organizations with the ability to maximize exposure of job postings and increase application volume.
  • Outbound Recruiting: Sometimes called Headhunting, these solutions assist recruiters in identifying and contacting qualified candidates.
  • Talent On-Demand: Provides companies with a source of hourly contract workers to fill or cover holes in their shift work.

Talent Suite


AI-powered platform that optimizes job posts for Google to rank job postings and then strategically propagate them to job boards.


Proprietary software created by our team to leverage the power to send personalized interactions via Email, SMS, and In-App messaging.


Utilizing tracking pixels embedded in our network of sites to retarget client job ads on Social Media and across the web with display ads.


Video interview software that creates instant connections between clients and potential job-seekers.


Advanced machine-Learning model used to match candidate resumes to client job postings.


Instant background checks and license tracker that continuously monitors on-demand staff’s ability to work.


Geo-location-based time-cards used to provide same day pay for on-demand workers.


Licensed search of our organized database to search qualified job-seeker resumes.